Presentation – Mark Jones

A blended approach to work based learning: experiences of learners on enhanced professional practice programmes

Non-traditional part time learners have been found to experience multiple barriers when studying within Higher Education including difficulties in academic skills, student identity, and accessing a ‘full’ university experience that all contribute to a reduced student experience and related negative learning experiences and attainment.

Blended learning approaches within higher education has strongly suggested that this model can greatly increase and support such learners developments and overall student experience creating a more inclusive and needs-led learning environment. Participants within a small scale pilot study of a blended learning approach developed by the Work Based Learning team within the College of human and health science feedback on their learning journey within this context. Research methodology was mixed therefore utilising both qualitative and quantitative approaches with associated methods including; a questionnaire, focus groups and short autobiographical vignettes.

Participants have initially feedback positive themes relating to increased notions of: Academic support / development, Professional support /development, Reflective practice, Community of Learning, Student identity. A full review of the pilot project data will be carried out in May 2014 to fully evaluate and develop the implications and potential for this model.

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